What I can do for you!

How often do you stand in front of your closet asking that question? Oh yes, that's your closet. The one that's full of clothes. The clock is ticking. And you have nothing to wear. So you pull something, anything, out, put it on, and perhaps you spend the rest of the day feeling just a little self conscious. Are these pants flattering? Do these things work together? Are they appropriate? Do they fit well? Are they too tight? Are they a little uncomfortable? Why, when you have a closet full of clothes, is it so difficult? And no matter how often you shop, no matter how much money you spend, why are you standing in front of your closet again wondering what to do?

I work closely with top retailers to find what is right for you and to get the right fit. Here is a sample of the services I offer. If there is something I didn't cover, just ask!

Personal Shopping

This is a fun way to add great new pieces to your wardrobe! I can go shopping with you, have items preselected when we meet up at a store, or bring clothes home to you - whatever your preference.

This is a great opportunity for those with busy lifestyles - let my expertise expedite your shopping experience.

Closet Organization

There are many approaches to wardrobe design. There is a man in Dallas known for his style and impeccable good taste who wears only white shirts with his suits. When asked why he never wears plaids, stripes, colors, etc., he will tell you about his system of dressing. He hangs his suits in one section of his closet, his white shirts in the next, and his ties, belts and shoes in the third. Each day he pulls the suit on the far left out of the closet. At the end of each day, if it doesn't need cleaning, he returns it to the far right. In this way he rotates his suits and doesn't need to make a decision about which one to wear. He then takes one of his clean white shirts and puts it on. Still no decisions have to be made. Finally, he gets to the tie, belt and shoe section of the closet and here he gets to have a little fun. But with this system, it is almost impossible to make a serious mistake. His closet is designed to make his life easy.

I will also organize your closet, making outfits easy to find. An "outfit list" can be provided to clients as an easy reference for outfits that work.

Fashion & Image Consulting

Have you ever known anyone who always looks pulled together? Have you envied their effortless style? Have you asked the question: “How does he/she do that?”. Have you ever considered professional help? When you are sick you consult with a doctor. If you need tax advice you consult an accountant. When you need legal advice you consult an attorney. Why not consult a specialist about your wardrobe?

Wardrobe Makeovers

French women, who are famous for their style and élan rarely have extensive wardrobes. If you spend much time with one of them and if you pay attention, you will find they tend to have one or two very well made dresses and jackets and trousers. But they have many accessories – especially scarves - and they have learned how to use them.

I will review your current wardrobe and advise you on what items to keep, alter, sell or donate. This is a great way to identify those clothes you love, but just don't know what to pair it with.

Need a wardrobe specialist?

Wardrobe design is, like any other skill, the result of study, practice and experience, like any other professional; an accountant, a lawyer or a physician, an athlete, an interior designer. Clothing construction, fabrication, fit, function are all complicated processes. It takes years of study and experience to understand how each of these affect a particular garment: how it will fit on a particular body and how it will perform in the real world. A specialist knows whether a visit to the tailor will result in a small alteration and a perfectly fitted garment or a nightmare. She knows the effect of color: what does it say about you and which colors will work together? She knows how fabrics will perform over time, how they will travel and what kind of care they need. She knows on which garments you must buy only the best, and which you can buy at H&M.

So, why would you need a wardrobe specialist? Contrary to popular belief, style is not something that just happens. When you see an actor, a model, a celebrity and admire their style, it is not their style you are admiring. You are seeing the work of a wardrobe specialist. Catch that celebrity at home and you will find a person like any of us: the same assets , the same imperfections.