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Packing light is easier said than done The Boston Globe October 31, 2015

By Jill Radsken

Ali Ehrlich helps people pack for a living, but that didn’t prevent the Boston wardrobe consultant from bumbling with her own suitcase on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

Arriving at the airport to check in, she discovered her bag was over the 50-pound limit. Expecting to pay an overweight fee, she was, instead, told it was prohibited and had to empty the contents.

“It was mortifying having to unload in the middle of the JetBlue terminal,” she said.

It’s hard to walk through an airport without seeing sufferers from OSS (Overstuffed Suitcase Syndrome), one of traveling’s greatest challenges, especially in the age of irritating baggage fees.


Boot Camp Boston Herald, October 2012

By Jill Radsken

This fall, shoes are getting the boot.

Some fashionistas are filling their closets in order to have a pair of boots for every possible occasion.

"It's just habit. I think they look better than flats at this point," said Ali Ehrlich of Waltham. "That's all I ever wear."

Ehrlich, who owns Right Up Your Ali styling agency, said her customers have built their boot wardrobes in response to the popularity of denim and corduroy. "It looks put together and it's a uniform." she said.

But there's a boot for every scenario, from office to evening out, and women should have a minimum of three to five to start. The office-appropriate boot, best paired with a skirt or dress, should hit just below the knee. So should be soccer mom boot, best warn with skinny jeans or leggings. Ankle boots with a heel (probably in black) are ideal for an evening out, but it's worth having a brown and neutral (grey) style on the shoe (oops, boot) rack as well.

"As long as you have a good cobbler, you should be able to hang on to them for 20 years," Ehrlich said. "I have 2004 ones that look brand-new."

Karen Fabbri, owner of Moxi in Boston and Wellesley, said quality boots don't have to cost four figures. She sells a Tory Burch style for $495 that "sells like water all year long."

"It's sturdy leather. It's an investment," she said.

She tells customers to get two boots - a short bootie with (or without) a heel and a tall, black riding style. Skip anything that goes over the knee.

"That ship has sailed," she said.

What has come into style are boots with either a western or biker vibe.

"It's an interesting hybrid of blending the two looks together," said Gregg Andrews, fashion creative director at Nordstrom.

Andrews described boots like sunglasses - "it gives you instant attitude" - and added that this season's trendiest look includes a thick, slouchy sock.

"They're not thing and prissy. They have a little bulk to them. The more boots, the heavier the sock." he said.

But Fabbri isn't keen on adding width to any part of a woman's leg. Instead she suggested Spanx for both fashion and functional purposes.

"They're strong enough," she said. "They stand up."

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The Oxymoron of Comfortable High Heels: Pro tips for wearing heels all day... Shoptopia, 16 August, 2012

By Rebecca Paiement

An old adage says we women suffer for our beauty. But, those of us who stand on our feet all day in heels have suffered enough. There's nothing that replaces the look of high heels, elongating our legs and giving our walk an undeniable feminine swagger but, oh, the pain. We spoke with stylist Ali Ehrlich, president and founder of Right Up Your Ali, for some advice on staying comfy in heels. "If anyone told me four years ago that I would be contributing to an article on comfortable high heels, I would have laughed out loud," she says. "Then, one day, I tore a tendon in my ankle and the rest is history."

For the remaining warm months, Ehrlich recommends high wedges or high espadrilles, even cork. "A woman accustomed to only flats should introduce a platform or wedge to get acclimated," she says. "Don't go from ballet to stilleto without major trepidation." If, however, you buy in error, don't doom the heels to a life in the box. "Find yourself a good cobbler and have them stretched across the vamp," says Ehrlich, "or you can have a lift or two taken off the heel. Some pad inserts can add comfort."

Other tricks up Ehrlich's sleeve include opting for round toe over pointy, sticking to a hidden platform, which adds the look of height without the pressure on your feet. But, Ehrlich simply must say, "There are times that it is OK to just go for super high, hot heel. Just ask to be dropped off curbside and sit prettily on a barstool. Every once in a while, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

Say Hello to Ali Ehrlich, Your Personal Shopper! Luxboston.com, June 2012

When choosing a wardrobe specialist to work with you, it is important to understand their background, training and orientation. What is appropriate for a pop singer will be very different from what works for a business woman, a politician or the gala chairwoman. You need to know that your specialist will speak your language.

“Ali Ehrlich is a native of Boston who grew up in Chestnut Hill and attended Boston University. She is known for her iconic style. She has spent over 18 years designing wardrobes for Massachusetts women, working for premier designers such as Chanel, and Valentino. She began her career at Bendel's where she gained familiarity with the fashion world in general.

Ali is also well known within the fashion community in Boston and she works with stylists and associates at all of the local boutiques and department stores. Because of her relationship with them, she always has current knowledge of what is available and where to find the best of current styles.

What Ali can do for you

How often do you stand in front of your closet asking that question? Oh yes, that's your closet. The one that's full of clothes. The clock is ticking. And you have nothing to wear. So you pull something, anything, out, put it on, and perhaps you spend the rest of the day feeling just a little self conscious. Are these pants flattering? Do these things work together? Are they appropriate? Do they fit well? Are they too tight? Are they a little uncomfortable? Why, when you have a closet full of clothes, is it so difficult? And no matter how often you shop, no matter how much money you spend, why are you standing in front of your closet again wondering what to do?

Here are some great testimonials about Ali

"I cannot believe how much we accomplished in just 2 hours! The time flew by. I now know what is in my closet and it is so much easier for me to put an outfit together in the AM for work. Thank you so much for helping me purge what I will never wear again, keep what is up to date and match outfits with the clothes I already have. It was truly a pleasure to work with you!" - Sue M.

Ali is extremely professional and knowledgeable at finding the best outfits to fit your every day needs. I was nervous about having a stranger and an expert go into my closet since I lack a sense of fashion, but she politely told me what clothes to keep and what not too keep. She also informed me on how I could mix and match my clothes for casual and fancy occasions. The second day that we met she took me shopping. I have never enjoyed shopping for clothes and was amazed at what clothes she picked out for me in only an hour! Everything that she picked out was exactly my taste and fit nicely. I'm looking forward to shopping with her again! My husband is also planning on using Ali's services. - Cathy D.

V Is for Valentino Boston Common, Fall 2006

By Ingrid Skjong

Ali Ehrlich, store manager of Boston's ultra-esteemed Valentino boutique, lets us know what we'll be wearing this autumn.

Boston Common: So what are the hot looks for fall?

Ali Ehrlich: People will definitely be following hot trends like the narrow pantsuit, the full sleeve on a jacket, blouse, or coat, and a romantic, feminine blouse this season. Evenings mean prints, including silk Basquiat-inspired prints that maintain a sleek silhouette. And, of course, solid colors still work for night, like the classic and forever Val red.

BC: We're feeling more sophisticated already. How did the Baquiat influence materialize?

AE: The reason for the Basquiat inspiration is that Mr. Valentino [was] friends with him and owns some of his work. When Mr. Valentino had the opportunity to reference the colors and styles of the 80s, he found it a great idea to draw on Basquiat.

BC: We love Valentino's accessories. Any bags that we won't be able to get enough of?

AE: The It Bag for fall is the Hyper bag - it's a fabulous black leather duffle with studded detail. I'll definitely be carrying it this season. For evening, it's all about Basquiat, Basquiat, Basquiat - like owning a work of art.

BC: And it's easy for you to get your hands on everything.

AE: I am planning to wear as much Valentino as possible. I'm so excited about the collection - it's like Christmas each time a delivery arrives!

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