Here's what people are saying about Ali!

"Organizing is simply something that does not come easy to me. I love having things perfectly organized but, no matter how many magazine articles I read, I find it a struggle to tackle a project. I recently did some work to my house and needed to move things out of my closet. I was overwhelmed at the thought of having to move things back. I certainly didn’t think I could ask anyone for help either. One of my friends told me not to think about it for another second, but, to call Ali. When I looked at her website, I was more than hesitant to make the call. She has such amazing style. I cringed at the thought of her coming into my house when it was in such a completely disastrous state. Ali assured me it was not a problem. She came over and quickly got to work. She arranged my closet in such an orderly, yet sensible way, I no longer waste time trying to find something to wear in the morning. Additionally, it has made me completely motivated to keep it as she left it. When I think about what she did in one afternoon, I am absolutely certain it is something that would have taken me days on end and in the end wouldn’t even slightly resemble how fabulous it turned out. I cannot even begin to express how highly I recommend fabulous Ali. Treat yourself to a spring cleaning closet by Ali. You will be so happy you did!!!!!!" "

-Michelle K.

"Ali has been a transformative influence on my wardrobe. As a guy who never knows what looks good with what, Ali has turned getting dressed for any situation from a hassle to now a confident and easy process for me. First, Ali spent several hours with me going through my closet. I literally tried on every piece of clothing I own for her. The result was a pile of clothes to donate, but also a remaining set of clothes that I knew looked good on me. Second, Ali made a list of gaps in my wardrobe, and we did a big shopping trip one day and largely filled most of the gaps. From there, Ali produced 4 pages of approved outfits for all kinds of situations; so now when I go in my closet and am unsure of what to wear, I can go to her lists and pick out something that I know makes me look my best. On an ongoing basis, we meet for a much briefer amount of time about every two months to augment my wardrobe with select purchases and also to make additional outfits to go on the list. Ali is an amazing person, a true pleasure to work with. She has a great eye and a good spirit. I highly recommend working with her."

Jon G.

Ali met me at the Natick Mall to help me shop for a "capsule wardrobe" for Spring. Honestly I dreaded the appointment because shopping generally just makes me unhappy with myself, my weight, my age etc. I expected this to just be an exercise in frustration. But it really does make a difference hiring an expert who sees the world a certain way. Ali walked into a store, quickly grabbed a few things, put me in a dressing room and waited patiently by my door. I'd say 95% of what she picked at first grab was unbelievably perfect for me. And it was interesting how fast she "got" me even though we only had a few brief emails and a quick coffee before the shopping began. And to top it all off, it was truly fun. I was actually sad when our time was up. I will be going back for my Fall capsule for sure."

-Alice C.

I reached out to Ali via Thumbtack and she responded instantly. I had already read about her while Googling similar services in my area. So happy that she responded and we were able to connect. She came to my house promptly as scheduled, chatted with me for a bit as to what I hope to accomplish, my wardrobe style, etc and then she went to town on my closet. Knew exactly what to get rid of, what to consign, what to repair and what to keep. She organized everything, gave me styling tips and left me with names of a great consignment shop, a fabulous cobbler among others. This was small money for a HUGE return. Since then, she's checked on how things are going with the consigning and even sent me links for items on sale that she somehow knew I would love (she's 2 for 2!!). Can't say enough about her. She did such a good job that I know have so many clothes to style from my own closet that I don't need her shopping services right now but can't wait until I do! She has an amazing eye, is so low key and just the perfect "best friend" that everyone needs for getting dressed each day!!!


Ali is so talented! I was getting so tired of wearing my uniform of black pants/top/jacket to work so I asked her to help me brighten up my look for summer. She went through my whole summer wardrobe and shoes, quickly deciding if I should keep the item or give it away. Then we went shopping at Bloomingdales particularly to find work dresses. She has such an eye for choosing clothing that will flatter and look beautiful. I was able to perk up my whole closet both work and casual in an afternoon. I’ve worn every outfit and received many compliments! Thank you Ali!

-Martha C.

I was nervous about hiring another stylist; I have had great ones and some bad ones. Ali is the absolute BEST. She came to my home and we went through my wardrobe: she helped me decide to keep more items than any of the others. We set up another date to go shopping. Ali had my style, budget and what I needed down pat like I had worked with her for years. I couldn't be happier. This is the most efficient and most successful experience I have ever had.

-Dora V.

"For 20 plus years, I had felt drab and uninspired about my clothes and my appearance. I finally made the decision to hire a stylist, someone who could help me to achieve a better look and to feel more confident. I found Ali and she is wonderful. She is a perfect advocate for someone like myself. I wore the same old clothes, and I had lost my motivation to explore my own closets and see which of my clothes I could preserve or rid myself of. Ali is perceptive and she will get a feeling of who you are and what your lifestyle needs are; she is very skillful in determining which clothes of yours you should keep and she will suggest to you what your wardrobe is lacking. Ali is also excellent at organizing your clothes in your closets which makes your clothes more accessible. In addition to her professionalism and good taste, she is also a wonderful listener and a very nice person. The time spent with her was very enjoyable. "

-Wendy M.

I met with Ali to go over my closet and try to update a tired feeling wardrobe to fit a body that had gained weight after several serious medical problems. I used to have what I thought was a decent sense of fashion but at this time I sure wasn’t feeling terrific, to say the least. I was ready to do something about my wardrobe at long last but felt unable to just do it myself. What could have been so difficult instead turned into a totally delightful experience with Ali! She is amazing - smart, fashion savvy, funny, has incredible taste and sizes people up really fast and well. After just 2 and ½ hours talking and working in every closet in my home I felt Ali knew me like a family member. This is one gifted woman! The next steps were some online discussions and links with suggestions, which were more than helpful to me. I now feel armed with renewed self-confidence and some great fashion ideas to move forward. Ali has a knack for people as well as for fashion and I am looking forward to shopping with her for some additional items to round out my wardrobe. I plan on this being for the very long term!

Ann R.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ali when I was at my thinnest and now at my heaviest. Never easy for me in either case. To be able to walk into any store with Ali, where within minutes she has inventoried, edited and selected clothing for me to try on, is beyond convenience. It literally takes the angst out of trying on pieces over and over and slowly losing my confidence and desire to shop. The other strength she possesses, is the clothing she chooses, nine out of ten times looks great! To be able to walk out of a shopping experience without feeling defeated, and have fabulous purchases as well, is a well worth the services! In the past, Ali also organized and edited my two closets! To be able to open the doors and see organization and easy accessibility to what I am looking for, has further taken the angst out of my life. After having this experience, I would never think to shop on my own! Why would I when I have the keen eye, comforting advise and fashion guru in my life!!"

Joanne M.

To anyone who doesn’t understand why you might pay someone to go through your wardrobe and shop for you…I understand. You spend enough money buying clothes, how could you pay for someone to pick things out for you…doesn’t that seem lazy and extravagant?
The short answer is NO. For starters, what Ali does, I couldn’t do and even if I could, it would take me all day to even come close. I show up and she already has things picked out and what I LOVE is she is the first one to be completely honest and tell me something doesn’t look great OR that I just don’t need it I have something too similar.
She is a professional. She remembers things I purchased 5 years ago and tells me to wear that with this and it is like a completely new outfit. She never makes me feel as if I have to buy something. She always tries to find a value and have something tailored or brought to a cobbler before getting rid of anything that is timeless.
I have referred her to so many people and always hear the same responses...”wow, she is fabulous” or “I had no idea what to expect and now I could not imagine NOT using her.” I spend such little time shopping now and feel like I love things when I buy them.

I am positive that I look better and feel better about myself. Whatever I pay Ali is a bargain because I no longer buy things that don’t look good on me or are a one season trend. She is AMAZING. She is right up my Ali for sure!!!! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Ali is amazing to work with. The first time I worked with her, I had a lot of rules around what I would and wouldn`t wear.
She listened to it all, respected it and was able to follow my guidelines while pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I loved it!
I received so many compliments on the pieces I wore and more importantly, I felt great in what I was wearing! She is someone you need to work with! We loved working with her so much, that we hired her for our wedding outfits as well! She knows what she is doing, trust me!

-Andria D.

Hiring Ali was the BEST decision I made. The entire experience was fantastic!
Thanks to Ali, I have taken my style to the next level. Ali absolutely understands what looks best and how to work within a budget.
I highly recommend her to anyone , whether your looking for a whole new look, a simple upgrade or even just a special occasion item. I officially have her on speed dial!

-Kimberly E.

What is the perfect gift for a 12 year old girl now that she’s no longer into American Girl Dolls? These days, if your daughter is anything like mine, she’s more concerned about feeling confident around her peers and looking her best. After two hours of shopping with Ali, my daughter left the mall feeling so good about herself. In the past, I would try and take her shopping for days only to end up with her crying in the changing room saying “nothing looks good on me”. How many times have you heard your daughter say “I have nothing to wear”? Ali not only knows how to shop for adults, but she’s up to date with the styles and trends for young adults too. I’ve already promised my daughter that she could go shopping again with Ali in the spring. I can’t forget to mention that not only did my daughter love the outfits that Ali picked out, but her peers at school are asking her where she shops! Thank you, Ali!

- Cathy (& Jackie!) D.

The marketing coordinator at PEOPLE StyleWatch in NYC put us in touch with Ali! I was the lucky recipient of a one-on-one styling session/shopping trip and they selected Ali to be my consultant.
We had a great afternoon! Ali started the day off with a makeup consultation at Neiman Marcus where I sipped a mimosa and learned about new fall colors for my eyes. My fifteen year old daughter came a long and had her makeup done too. It was the perfect way to relax and talk to Ali about what styles and stores she recommended.
Ali has a good handle on what each store offers – "classic but a little different" ... "always have good selection"... "great pants that fit well". Ali has a great eye for fashion and has such an easy to get along with personality. We ended up getting some great finds and felt really lucky PEOPLE StyleWatch had picked her for us!

- Ellen H.

"Right Up Your Ali" is not just a cute play on words for Ali's business: it defines the way she approaches her clients! From the first time we met, Ali "got" me – she understood what kind of style I (hope to) have. By asking just a few questions – including where I generally shop already, what kind of lifestyle (job, weekends, events) I have, what styles I like -- she has helped me figure out how bring the style I want to life.
Over the past couple of years, we have found everything from a dress to wear to the Kentucky Derby to the right "look" for the (sidelines of) the soccer field. As my job wardrobe requirements have evolved from a more corporate look to much more casual, Ali has helped me stay professional without being either too stuffy or overly casual. One of my favorite looks is now a great, fun jacket over jeans. I never realized how many styles, rinses, looks, etc there are for jeans!
I usually shop with Ali in the spring and the fall. We have weeded out my closet – and then filled in staples and fun stuff. Though I'm a lot more wardrobe confident than I was when we first started working together, sometimes I still get stumped. On occasion I will reach out to Ali with a question: "So I have a meeting in NYC and I'm not sure what to wear?" or "I just found this great leather shirt. Is it really great?"
Always I feel like she totally gets me. And though she is not shy about it, she is incredibly diplomatic in saying no. Yesterday we laughed really hard about some of the "no" options I tried. Never do I feel bad when we are shopping together or talking about clothes.
Beyond clothes, Ali has helped me a lot with shoes, bags and coats. In the past, I tended to buy a lot of shoes/boots and bags -- but not necessarily good ones that will both be in style and last. Now I find myself spending more for each thing – but getting really good things. I've followed a similar approach to coats: following her advice, I bought one really good trench coat. It has a zip-out lining and is a perennial style: I will have and wear it until it falls apart!
If you want to feel good about what you wear, what you have in your closet and what you buy for your wardrobe, Ali will help you discover what look is right up your alley.

- Ellen, Hopkinton

I'd be the first to admit that I'm a little intimidated by fashion. I'm never entirely sure what's dated, what's current, and what goes with what. Add to that the fact that I'm no good at culling my closet, and you get an enormous closet (with some items more than 15 years old) and "nothing to wear."
But after another round of I-just-bought-all-this-stuff-but-I-still-can't-get-dressed-in-the-morning, I finally realized that getting a professional to help me would probably save me both time and money. And indeed, in just three efficient and decisive hours, Ali went through probably close to 300 items and weeded out about 20% of them, mostly things that were dated/past their prime, the wrong size, not quite flattering or just not my style. She spent another 45 minutes answering my other questions and helping me match outfits and colors together. Not to mention the fact that while I was trying on clothes, she was putting away the "approved" items much more neatly than I could, so my dresser is much tidier than it was when we started. At the end of this, she felt there were only a few things I should consider getting to update my wardrobe (which is good, considering the size of what's left) - her goal is certainly not to push you to shop a lot. In fact, she identified some recently purchased items that I didn't really need and could return.
Equally important, Ali was supportive and enthusiastic, which made the whole experience fun and non-stressful. She was quick to say when she loved something - and very gentle and noncritical when she felt something should go. I certainly don't have a designer wardrobe or a designer shopping budget, which is why I never would have imagined till recently that I would invite a fashion stylist into my closet, but Ali was totally able to work with what I have (she mentioned she takes clients to J. Crew quite often and has introduced people to Anthropologie).
I'm looking forward to trying to get dressed tomorrow morning. And, inspired by her example, I'm going through some things that I didn't review with her (like summer and sports gear that I can't think about when it's 20F outside) and am weeding out even more things. I may need to reconsult her for warm-weather advice when the mercury rises...

- T.C.

I could not have been happier with Ali! I received a gift certificate for Ali's services, and at first look was really not excited at all about it. As a "guy's guy", I own a lot of sweatshirts and Boston sports team gear. My work clothes I looked at as just that - work clothes. Ali first came to my house and started by going through everything in my closet, from sweaters and blazers, to dress shirts and golf shirts, to pants and suits and right down to shoes. It would have been worth it just for that! I got rid of all of those things I never wore anymore, and anything I was on the fence about, Ali made a swift decision based on looking at what I like, and whether or not it was worth it to keep. And then the real fun began! We went out on the search for the things I needed most, and she helped me pick out new work clothes (business casual) that looked great and are fun to wear. We quickly and efficiently picked out dozens of items together (again based on my style and what I needed), and after just over an hour of shopping it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe! I can honestly say that I now look forward to going into my closet and picking something out. I would recommend Ali to absolutely anyone, she was terrific!

- D.J. R.

I had such fun with Ali this weekend going through my whole winter wardrobe evaluating whether an outfit was stunning or one that was past it's prime. She had great suggestions for a few outside purchase recommendations that will expand my options. Ali is spot on with her quick analysis of whether an outfit looks great (i.e. "you should be living in this"!) that comes from a wealth of fashion expertise. What a feeling to have all outfits organized - it's now so easy to pop on a new fabulous ensemble for either day or night. Ali you are the best!!!

- Martha C.

Simply put: Ali is a-MAZING! Who knew cleaning your closet could be so much fun?? I wasn't sure what to expect when I scheduled my closet re-org with Ali. Her impressive resume working with luxury brands like Chanel and Valentino left me thinking that my closet contents might not be up to her standards. Ali immediately put me at ease with her down-to-earth, easy-to-talk-to and authentic approach.
Ali plowed through my overwhelming (for me-not for her) closet, easily sorted through items to give away and re-organized my closet so that it now works much more efficiently-all of this in under 2 hours! With her keen eye, she was able to quickly determine pieces that were worth keeping and looked fabulous and those that I should not be wearing.
By the end of the 2 hours in my closet, it felt like I had been hanging out with an old and very sartorially-savvy friend. Next steps: having her organize my daughter's closet and shopping with me for the gaps in my wardrobe. I'm a huge fan and would recommend her to everyone!

- Jodie M.

I have an enormous closet, stuffed with clothes, and yet somehow, I never seem to have anything to wear. I kept buying clothes and then wearing the same few outfits over and over again. Finally, I was never really sure what types of clothes looked best on me. Enter...Ali....
I was lucky to find Ali doing an online search. Within 3 hours together, I had tried on every single thing in my gigantic closet; Ali was decisive and knowledgeable about what worked and what didn't. She made me feel totally comfortable, regardless of size or age.
We cleared out an enormous amount of clothes that I should not be wearing. It felt great to be able to see everything in my closet, and to know that I would be comfortable wearing any of it. It gave me renewed confidence in my wardrobe, and saves me money because I won't continue to buy things I shouldn't be wearing. Why clutter your closet with things that don't look great, it just keeps you from wearing what does look good.....great advice from Ali!
I have recommended Ali to my friends and would do so to anyone who is interested in making the most of what they have, having more confidence when they go to their closet to choose their clothes or saving money by not buying more things they don't need.

- Lisa F.

I met with Ali in my home to organize & shop in my own closet. I had work clothes, play clothes & dressy clothes all mixed in together. I had even forgotten about some of the clothes I own. It was a big help to have objective fashion advice on what to keep & what to get rid of. It made me feel great when Ali complimented some of my choices in clothes. I know I was getting an honest opinion when I asked- does this make me look fat??? or is it a keeper??? Isn't that the most difficult question we all have? I discovered I have plenty of clothes already in my closet. They are more organized & I can think of different combinations. I now will chose to wear everything in my closet & not just the old standbys. I plan on recommending Ali to my friends. It was a great investment for me.

- Margaret M.

Ali is great! I had a two hour closet consultation, and at the end of the session I loved my wardrobe again. She helped me weed out items that were not flattering and cluttering my closet, identify items that had potential but required alterations, and rediscover items I've been reluctant to wear because I wasn't sure of their fit or how to wear them. I really trusted her judgment and instead of anguishing over the pieces for donation (which I would have done on my own), I deferred to her and moved on. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!

- Susan S.

If you told me 5 years ago that I would have someone shop for me and organize my closet for me (at times when I am not even home), I probably would have laughed out loud. But, then I met Ali. Every morning, I used to stand in my closet for what seemed like a half hour and try on multiple things before deciding upon something passable. I always wore the same thing and believe me, it was never very exciting. Ali helped me look more stylish, but, without moving out of my comfort zone. She makes me look better, period. She certainly saves me time and believe it or not, she also saves me money. I no longer purchase items that are either on sale or because I feel I desperately need something to wear on a special occasion. She helped me create a great wardrobe and helps me occasionally add to it or update it. I cannot say enough about her. Getting ready in the morning is now a breeze! She works wonders on any shape, style or budget and a gift certificate makes the best and incredibly unique gift. I would be lost without her!!!!

- Sarah

Ali was wonderful. We spent two hours going through my clothes and organizing my closet. Made piles for tailor, donation and consignment. Well worth the money - have some new ideas for outfits and feel like I have a new wardrobe without going shopping. She's also available to go shopping - will do that in the future for more fall clothes. Highly recommend!

- Sheila R.

It's been over two months since Ali and I spent 2 hours playing in my closet. I say "playing" because that's what it felt like -- I had so much fun! I am grateful to her on a daily basis. I walk into my closet and feel like I'm in a boutique -- it's so well organized! And I can pull an outfit together in no time! What is even more remarkable is that this was accomplished without my having to buy a single item. I was quite certain that my wardrobe was incredibly outdated as I tend to be a bit of a pack rat, and having made other things a priority in my life, hadn't done much clothes shopping in recent years. Ali went through EVERYTHING. We made a pile of items to be donated, items to be consigned, and items to be altered. We discussed how to pair and layer remaining items so that they somehow looked up-to-date and stylish. I can't believe my old clothes feel fresh and new. And yes, I do have a few things to shop for -- and I'm definitely taking Ali with me!

- Sarita

Ali was amazing to work with! In less than 2 hours she helped me go through everything in my closet -- recommending what should stay, helping me get rid of things I had been holding on to for way too long, and giving me great ideas about new pieces I should add and how I could combine things I already own in new ways. She made me feel totally at ease and really took the time to listen and understand what would be right for me. She has a fantastic eye and helped me answer questions that I had been thinking about for ages! I would recommend her to all my friends!

- Amy H.

Thanks so much for your help last night! I can't tell you what a difference it made to have an objective person go through each item of my wardrobe with me and determine what is worth keeping and what I should let go. I feel such a sense of calm now that my closet, dresser and armoire are so organized. And, thanks to your fresh perspective, I have a rekindled appreciation for pieces I haven't worn in ages. It's almost like I went shopping and didn't even have to take out my credit card! I'm looking forwarding to consigning the "outgoing" pieces and using the funds to complete the wardrobe gaps you identified.

- Katie P.

I accomplished more in enhancing my wardrobe in 2 hours with Ali, than I would have managed in 2 weeks on my own. That alone would have made her worth every penny. Better still is that with her advice and support, I have more confidence that not only will I not regret any of my purchases now that they're home, but I'm genuinely looking forward to showing off my improved 'look' this summer! I never felt rushed but somehow we managed to cover a lot of ground in our time together. She just made everything super efficient and effortless, from knowing where to go, selecting things to try, to giving thumbs up/down in the changing room. Her taste, as expected, was great! I'll definitely be seeking her advice on future purchases.

- Elaine

Cleaning out my closet is a job that I dread. I decided that it would never get done unless I got help. That's where Ali came in. What to keep? What to throw? With her very calm, non-judgmental manner, we went through clothing, shoes, and pocketbooks. Though some items were truly old, she just quietly commented that maybe this one or that one was "a little dated". She listened to my hesitations on some, and respected my reasons for keeping the odd piece or two. However, I also respected her opinion, knowing that she had a good eye for flawed, dated, or mismatched pieces. Removing the items from my wardrobe didn't even hurt. I knew that Ali was right. Thank you, Ali, for making the process painless and productive!

- Rebecca

Ali - I really liked that you didn't want to ditch everything that I own and worked with what I had. You didn't try to impose " your" style on me. You were very easy to talk with about style and you had great suggestions on what things to add and where I could shop for those things. I also appreciate that you recognized that we don't all have the same "budget" for clothing and I didn't feel that you were "high end" only. You suggested other reasonable options like Banana Republic and J.Crew. It was so convenient for you to come to my home and I felt like we accomplished a lot in 2 hours - although it flew by! I look forward to working together again soon - let's go through my Summer wardrobe and shop! Thanks for everything.

- Tricia V.

You have another true fan and friend. Thanks to you, I love getting dressed in the morning and putting together new outfits. I really appreciate how you were able to sort through my closet, gently tell me what needed to go, what could stay and which staples were missing from my closet. I love the new skinny jeans and boots you suggested and again feel that every morning is an exciting opportunity to put together a new fashionable outfit.
And quite honestly, I receive many compliments on my outfits. I have you to thank. You are fantastic!

- Debra Z.

Working with Ali was great! She went through my entire closet with me and helped me decide what to keep and what to get rid of. She also showed me how to wear certain pieces that I wasn't quite sure what to do with, which made me feel like I had a bunch of new items in my wardrobe. When we went shopping together, it was definitely the most successful shopping trip I've ever had! She already knew where we were going to go, and had even went ahead and looked before I got there so, she knew exactly what to show me! We got everything on our list in under an hour and a half! It was the most efficient I've ever been in a mall! She understood my style and was able to help me keep my comfy style while still looking cute. One of the best things about the experience was that I felt like I was shopping with one of my oldest friends, it was really great! I will definitely be back for Spring shopping, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their wardrobe!

- Emily P.

From the start, Ali made me feel at ease. She took a moment to get to know me before we hit my closet. She did not ask me to part with clothes that were still wearable, but did have a good sense of what was truly outdated or didn't look great on me. Ali showed me how to put outfits together and organized my closet so that I wouldn't overlook items that could go together well. It was like discovering a whole new wardrobe! She also suggested what to tailor and a few items to buy to round out my collection. Most importantly, Ali did not try to give me a look that didn't suit who I am. Thanks, Ali!

- Susie G.

Going through my closet and shopping are typically stressful and overwhelming for me. Ali made the experience fun! She was quickly able to assess my look and my comfort zone. She then helped me find clothes that are fashionable and consistent with who I am. I know we found some pieces that I treasure and I know that getting dressed each day will be so much easier

- Jamie W.

I am most certainly a stylishly-challenged nerd, far more comfortable in tattered jeans and a big floppy sweatshirt than khakis and a sports coat. Picking an appropriate outfit for different occasions has always mystified me. I am more likely to win the lottery than identify a good combination of colors and patterns. I think you get the picture. Both my interest and aptitude in fashion is low. Imagine my "thrill" when my wife presented me with a birthday gift of what she described as a few hours with Ali to go through my closet, weed out my wardrobe, and get some lessons on what items goes with what. Honestly this did not sound like my idea of a good Saturday afternoon. However, never one to be unappreciative of a thoughtful gift, I dutifully put the date on my calendar (scheduled as far into the future as I thought acceptable without being offensive) and tried my best to forget about the impending event. The appointed hour approached, as my wife began counting down the days. Eventfully Ali arrived. I attempted to confuse her by having a friend (an even worse dresser than I am) visiting when she showed up. Ali clearly was not one to be easily distracted. We sat on the couch for a few minutes. She asked me a surprisingly small number of questions about likes and dislikes, typed a few notes into her laptop, and announced the time had come to head for my closet. Somehow during our brief introduction, Ali managed to convey the possibility that this might actually be fun. We spent a few hours sorting through everything I owned. We began with old tee-shirts (she actually understood that these have emotional attachments that go beyond fashion). I took this non-confrontational start as a good omen for the rest of the event. We followed tees by trying on jeans, pants, shirts, and jackets – trashing surprisingly few items. At the same time she organized my closet in a way that now helps me keep track of what goes with what. The two hour session ended after what seemed like a very short time. Ali left me with a slightly emptier but much better organized closet, some thoughts on items to buy to fill a few wardrobe gaps, plus a new appreciation for grey corduroys combined with pink or purple shirts. To my tremendous surprise, I can honestly say that my visit with Ali was both useful and fun. Best of all, my wife is now happy about my wardrobe (although I will still play it safe ask her opinion on what to wear to special occasions).

- Jerry F.

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance. Your advice is priceless! I really value the editing of my existing wardrobe, advice on filling the gaps in my wardrobe (ie boots) and your practical advice on what brands and styles to consider. In addition, I feel the investment pieces you have recommended were well worth the it and I feel great every time I use them. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again.

- Lisa B.

I heard about Ali from a friend who lives in Boston. I live in St. Louis, so I asked Ali whether she would offer me consulting services over the internet and phone. I had recently started a new job and needed to update my professional wardrobe. Ali was enthusiastic, flexible, efficient, and sensitive to my individual needs. I gave her some basic information about my lifestyle, wardrobe gaps, and budget and sent her a couple photos of myself. She talked with me about ideas over the phone and sent me lots of links to items she thought might work well. When I gave her honest feedback about which items fit my style and which did not, she adjusted her recommendations accordingly. I was able to order clothes from the comfort of my own home, saving time in the midst of a busy work schedule. Ali helped me to quickly figure out what clothes I needed to fill in holes in my wardrobe and to coordinate with existing pieces. She helped me sort through all the online shopping that I found overwhelming on my own. I now feel set for the next few years!

- Debbie

Ali - Working with you was such a gift. I was SO anxious about finding the right dress... boy, did you nail it for me. I cannot thank you enough. The thought of having to find a dress was overwhelming to me and you made it so incredibly easy. That you went ahead and had dresses ready for me to try on was awesome and I SO appreciate it. You really know what you are doing! I have told so many people about my experience with you.

- Hannah K.

Shopping with Ali as my personal Shopper allowed me to find several outfits that are perfect for my needs. What would have taken me at least 6 hours to wade through all the racks in all the stores only took 2 hours with Ali. As a busy wife, mother, and student I don't have hours upon hours to shop. After meeting with her for just 10 minutes, she "got" my look, my shopping needs, and me. She didn't push or suggest stores that were out of my price range, and she didn't suggest clothing that was not my style. Ali knew just what stores would work and went right to the section, where as I would have been wandering. Ali assessed each outfit change and speeded up the whole dressing room process by being close by and getting different sizes or styles as needed. I plan on using her services again in the future!

- Andrea L.

I had a great experience working with Ali. It was easy to schedule the appointment. Ali came to my apartment one weekend afternoon to do a wardrobe review. I found it quite helpful as I'm in the process of losing weight and I needed advice on what still worked and what needed to go. Ali worked fast! We went through my whole closet in 2 hrs. We purged a lot and kept a lot. Ali gave good advice, was pleasant and fun to interact with and did a great job helping me determine what's next. She was never critical of me or my wardrobe and gave me lots of compliments. I'd definitely work with her again.

- Karen B.

I cannot believe how much we accomplished in just 2 hours! The time flew by. I now know what is in my closet and it is so much easier for me to put an outfit together in the AM for work. Thank you so much for helping me purge what I will never wear again, keep what is up to date and match outfits with the clothes I already have. It was truly a pleasure to work with you!

- Sue M.

Ali organized my closet last week and gave me some tough love about my remaining pair of "mom" jeans! They're gone now along with all of the things I don't ever wear, plus a few bad purchases that have made me feel guilty every time I go in my closet. Guess what! I have a great wardrobe even though some of my items are 13 years old! My classics have a new life with some fresh additions. I just went on a shopping spree in my own closet by having Ali suggest new outfits. However I do have a short shopping list, new loafers, black, some white tissue tees and a new bathing suit. Thanks Ali! You're amazing! I would have never gotten down to business without your help!

- Yvette Y.

We invited Ali as a birthday surprise for my wife. Ali did a great job getting my wife started right away, quickly going through her closets and then taking her on an "out-of-the-box" shopping experience at Natick Mall which was perfectly appropriate for her style, and not focused on brand names. She bought many things in two hours (whereas usually in three hours she purchases one thing) she would not have, and is looking at clothes in a new way ! We'll be calling her back to keep her wardrobe fresh and exciting.

- Anu

Ali is extremely professional and knowledgeable at finding the best outfits to fit your every day needs. I was nervous about having a stranger and an expert go into my closet since I lack a sense of fashion, but she politely told me what clothes to keep and what not too keep. She also informed me on how I could mix and match my clothes for casual and fancy occasions. The second day that we met she took me shopping. I have never enjoyed shopping for clothes and was amazed at what clothes she picked out for me in only an hour! Everything that she picked out was exactly my taste and fit nicely. I'm looking forward to shopping with her again! My husband is also planning on using Ali's services.

- Cathy D.

I am a stay-at-home mom, needing functional but wanting classic-looking clothes, and Ali went through my closet piece by piece, helping me figure out what to keep and what to purge. She showed me how to put some outfits together in ways that I hadn't thought of, and showed me how, with the addition of a few key pieces, I could create a wardrobe that would really meet my needs. We looked up some stores online, and found some that carry tall clothes that I had never known about. We also picked out some specific pieces to order at an upcoming clothing party that I am attending. Now I have a short list of things to look for, and if I can't find them on my own I'm definitely going to ask her to go shopping with me. I have new confidence to put my outfits together, and to make that small bit of extra effort to look good, even if I'm just going to yoga. I felt extremely comfortable with Ali, and feel so much better about my clothes now!

- Jocelyn

It was a pleasure and lot of fun to work with Ali. From the minute she walked into my dressing area, she took charge—thinking about each individual article of clothing/accessory, and how it could work in my wardrobe and with my personal style. I look forward to shopping with Ali for seasons to come—minimizing the number of pieces I buy, by purchasing exactly the right things!

- Nina

It was the day before the Super Bowl. Who would have thought I would be spending time in my closet with a strange woman! My wife had bought me a consultation with Ali because I had been complaining. Every time I went to my closet for something to wear for a casual night out, I got depressed. I could wear my week day work stuff but what a drag. Usually I dress for the weekend with the idea that I might have to go down to the basement and lug some boxes around. But even my "good" weekend clothes got groans of dismay from my wife and daughter. So, Ali helped me with this and it was surprisingly relaxed and enjoyable. For an hour we went through my stuff, threw some things away, and she gave me some helpful suggestions. Then, for another hour we went out shopping at the local mall. I got a bunch of clothes in a really efficient way - I don't like shopping. I have really enjoyed having things to wear that I feel good in. The Patriots still lost but I went home dressed less like Bill Belichick!

- David

My husband and daughters gave me a gift certificate for a closet and wardrobe makeover with Ali for Mother's Day. To be honest, I was a bit stressed out by the process. But the minute Ali arrived, I was completely relieved. Ali was so helpful in clearing out the clothing that wasn't doing me any favors and in helping me think about what new things I need to complete my wardrobe. But she did it all with an awareness of who I am and what my lifestyle is. We followed up the closet makeover with a shopping trip to fill in the pieces that I needed. Again, I agonized a bit about it since shopping isn't always easy for me. But Ali knew just right places to go to find clothes that fit my body and work with my style. We were so efficient and got a bunch of really great stuff. I'm already looking forward to another meeting with Ali to get back in my closet and make great outfits will all the wonderful new pieces. She certainly hasn't seen the last of me!!

- Sue T.

I recently had the pleasure of spending two afternoons with Ali - one in front of my closet and the other in the Pru - and was so happy with the results. After going from the professional world to the playground with the arrival of two kids and riding a roller coaster of sizes during that transition, I felt like I had tons of clothes but never anything to wear. Ali helped me figure out how to focus my look and then took me on a shopping trip to address the gaps she'd identified in my closet. We started at Saks, where I generally feel out-priced and out-styled. With Ali by my side, this was easily the most civilized shopping trip I'd ever had. She knew everyone and every article of clothing in that store and helped me pick out a few great key pieces all while being respectful of my stay-at-home mom budget. The clincher was when I had fallen in love with a pair of shoes that the store no longer had in my size, and Ali called on her connections to find them for me at another store. Thanks, Ali

- Emily

Working with Ali was so great! I contacted Ali for help organizing my closet...creating some new outfits, getting rid of what I didn't need, and identifying what pieces I was missing. Ali takes the time to really understand what you are trying to accomplish and then makes you feel so comfortable! It was so much easier than I thought it would be and better yet, it was really fun. In the end not only do I have a super organized closet, but Ali also showed me lots of new outfit combos with what I already owned. I can't wait to schedule a time to go shopping with her so, she can help me fill in with other pieces that will round out my closet even more! I highly recommend Ali, it's money well spent - better than going shopping and buying more pieces that you really don't need.

- Kim

Ali is an expert and a delight to work with. I'd never met with personal fashion stylist before, and really didn't know what to expect. I wanted help sorting through my clothes, and a bit of inspiration to fine tune my style. (I'm a mid-fifties former New Yorker but native Bostonian, and it's been something of a challenge to hone my choices since returning home) Ali was so positive and easy - she made it fun, and then voila! A beautifully organized closet, a pile of items heading to the thrift or consignment shops, and one very happy client - me! I highly recommend Ali. She's got a great eye and talent.

- Laurie M.

Working with Ali has been such an amazing experience as she takes the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your personal style and then helps you build it. It is great to be able to work with someone who can share with you what types of clothes, styles and colors will look best on you and also has the ability to shop within a budget as well. I view Ali as my trusted advisor when it comes to my style and I know this because my experience and time with her are not just when we meet but at any point that I need to get her opinion or when she finds something she thinks will help me build my personal style. My relationship with Ali is not one that will go out of fashion and I plan to be a life long client!

- Kate

Worth every penny! In just under 3 hours, my closet is now color coordinated, and arranged by season, and a work-only section. With everything so organized I feel like my wardrobe doubled, even though I am sending a huge pile of clothes off for donation. Ali worked with me to make choices about keeping some items I was ready to get rid of by showing me new ways to wear them. And, we talked about a few key items I might add to my wardrobe.

- Amy C.

It was SO easy to work with Ali she put clothes together that i never could do. its like having an all new wardrobe in my closet now that i can put outfits together with my own clothes. I told my husband don't let me buy anymore - i have so many things that go together, its great .Thanks for the help!

- Barbara

Ali is one of the best presents I got for myself!

I am a shopaholic with obsessive compulsive disorder! Closets full of clothes, many with tags still on them, and clothes I had before my daughter was born (she is an adult now) in complete chaos. With all this shopping and clothes I could not part with - I often felt I never had anything to wear and panicked when it came to packing for a trip. I usually wore the same things all the time.

Enter Ali! She made me feel immediately comfortable and got right to what I was looking for from her services.

She quickly helped me lose the clothes that I did not need, or that just did not work, advised me on what to do with them, determined what clothes needed to be tailored so, they would work (Ali told me exactly how she would modify them and gave me the name of a great tailor) and organized my closet in a way so, I see my clothes in a coordinated way.

She helped me rediscover some of my best clothing that I never wore anymore because of a career change and taught me how to wear them in my current lifestyle.

After our first session, I could not recognize how clean and functional my closet was and how excited I was to start getting dressed again. Ali suggested just 3 things I needed to complete my wardrobe and instantly update many things I have. One suggestion was a pair of boots and Ali actually found the perfect pair for me, on sale, and brought them to me. I love the boots and cannot believe how they have changed the way I look and feel. I would have never have thought of it and I consider myself fashion savvy.

I was so excited about our first session that I asked Ali to come back and help me shop in my closet. She put together both classic and on trend outfits that I would never have thought of with her great fashion sense and expertise. We wrote down many of the combinations and I often refer to my notes. I am wearing clothes that I never knew what do with (results of a lot of impulse shopping) in the way I always wanted to, but, needed Ali's fashion skills. She helped me accessorize and gave me some fashion fundamentals that have allowed me to revisit my clothes again and actually wear them. I have so much fun dressing everyday and am enjoying all the compliments!

My husband even noticed the change in my everyday dressing and commented on how much he liked it. He said he wished he felt better in his clothes, that were not his work suit uniform. He was definitely in a rut; Dad jeans, etc.! For the holidays I gave him a casual clothes intervention with Ali. He loved it! Ali made him feel completely comfortable and they went through his clothes (she also quickly went through his work wardrobe and made some helpful suggestions) and got a sense of what he was looking for and his style. They went off shopping and he came back a complete and coordinated wardrobe all in one afternoon! That is exactly how my husband likes to shop. He enjoys wearing his new clothes, that he would never have seen himself in and looks great.

Whether you need to build a wardrobe or make your clothing work in new ways, Ali can do it. I was really impressed with how comfortable and confident she is to work with and that she can adapt and work with different age groups, body types and budgets.

I highly recommend her and you will look better and save money when you use her services that she customizes to work for your individualized needs.

- Karen S.

My 3 hours with Ali was not only fun, but it transformed my closet. She helped me find items I'd forgotten about, create new outfits, and get rid of things I really didn't need. It was like magic, saving me time and money - and now I have lots of new outfits without having to walk into a store.

- Diane

Thanks so much, Ali! Your services were greatly appreciated. My wife and I were both completely pleased with your work. With your wonderful reorganization, I am happy (and able) to walk into my walk-in closet again.

- Peter D.

I found Ali through Rue La La, and am very glad I did! I had been feeling frustrated at what I felt was a lack of clothing that suited my age, lifestyle and taste. Ali helped me find timeless items that work with what I already have. They are in regular rotation and always elicit complements when I wear them. She was happy to shop within my budget, and made me feel comfortable trying things I would not have ordinarily tried. I am building a wardrobe that is unique, flattering and fun. Our shopping trip was an enjoyable adventure. I look forward to working with her again.

- Mary F

I just completed a two hour closet re-organization with Ali. She was great! She went right to work after a few questions on my style preferences and lifestyle. She assessed each piece in my closet, advised me on things that were "dated", we got rid of anything that didn't fit perfectly, and she made some great suggestions about staples I needed to complete some outfits. I have a wide range of clothes, she was non-judgmental about brand, price, etc- she just wanted me to keep the things that looked good. I'm looking forward to working with her again and plan on referring her to others.

- Sherrill

I cannot say enough about how helpful Ali was in getting not just my closet, but my life, organized. As a working mother of twin toddlers, the task of organizing my closet loomed over me with such overwhelming dimensions it seemed I would never get out from under. Time is such a precious thing and knowing that Ali was coming to help me focus on the task at hand was HUGE! Cleaning out my closet helped me get a handle on some of the chaos in my bedroom and makes getting ready for work in the morning so much easier and faster; an important thing for a working mom. On top of it all we had fun doing it. Ali made it easy for me to part with items that I didn't need, but might have kept otherwise. The process was speedy and efficient. I can't wait for her to come back in the fall and help me with my fall and winter clothes.

- Mary, a more organized working mom


Thank you for taking me shopping at Filene's Basement. With your help, I got great pieces that update my wardrobe and that I will wear for years. Best of all, you did it without breaking the bank!

- Susan

I am one of those people who stand in my closet every day bemoaning how I have nothing to wear, even though I have a closet full of some pretty nice things. I fell into the trap of wearing the same outfits in the same way all of the time and got bored with my wardrobe and my look. Ali came over and in less than 2 hours helped me re-purpose many items that I hadn't worn in ages. She gave me great ideas of how to wear different pieces together for a totally new look. She also helped re-arrange things in my closet so I wouldn't forget that I can wear certain (previously unacquainted) pieces together. I had quite a collection of scarves that had been given to me as gifts that I had never worn because I didn't know how to wear them. Ali showed me how to wear them to give me a sophisticated, layered look. It's amazing how you can feel like you have a whole closet of new outfits without even stepping foot into a store. Just think of the money I've saved!

- Kristin

My shopping trip with Ali was a great success. I came away with multiple fun and stylish things to wear that all fit well and were not outrageously expensive. She selected things that I would have passed by on the racks, only to find that they were wonderful once they were tried on. She was focused and very knowledgeable about what various stores had to offer so our time was efficiently used. I highly recommend Ali's service to anyone who needs help getting over the clothes shopping blues.

- Sue

Ali came in and did a great job of reviewing my wardrobe, letting me know what worked and what didn't work. What was really great is she absolutely took into account why certain pieces were there and what purpose they serve. Have already recommended her to my friends as a must to help ensure you are stylish. Well worth checking out.

- Alexandre

Ali, thank you for going through my closets and making my clothes, shoes, and bags look great and organized. Besides helping me decide what should stay in the closets and what should be donated, you also showed me updated ways to wear my clothes. You made it a fun, nonstressful, positive experience. Now, when I go in my closets, it is easy for me to pick out what I want to wear.

- Amy

I loved working with Ali! She helped me organize my closet and take an inventory of what I had and what I needed. She helped me pick out some amazing new pieces that I already don't know how I lived without! She helped me move from young and casual into professional and stylish! I am so much more confident when I feel put together and I know I look good! I highly recommend her!

- Stacy

With two little ones at home I haven't had time to think about my closet in years. Thank goodness I discovered Ali. Not only did she organize my closet to make it look like those you see in magazines, but she also took me shopping to help fill it up with necessities. The thing that I love the most about Ali is that she didn't pressure me or push me to buy anything I didn't want to. It was extremely low pressure and lots of fun.

- Lesley

I highly recommend Ali if you want a wardrobe of clothes that look good on you and are fashionable. Ali came to my house and we reviewed my clothes, eliminating articles that did not work. However, what was most valuable to me was that she was able to show me how to put together outfits for clothes that I liked but I didn't know what to do with. And the icing on the cake - we went out and found two new pairs of pants. Now I am ready for spring and summer. Thank you Ali.

- Michelle U.

I recently had Ali organize my closet. I opened the door and let her work her magic. She weeded out all the clothes, shoes and handbags that were out dated and then got to organizing. I was so amazed at the transformation my closet went under. I can now actually see all of my clothes and I have more confidence in mixing and matching the pieces I have creating new outfits. I am at work by 7 am every morning and in the event that my power went out I know I could walk into my closet and pick an outfit without looking in the mirror and be 100% assured I look my best. Ali has taken the guess work out of getting ready in the morning for me and I truly appreciate all her hard work!

- Anne

I have luckily been about the same size for about the last 20 years, so you can imagine the amount of clothes I have amassed. I always felt bad buying a new black skirt when I had 10 in my closet, but never knew how to figure out what was still relevant... It was too confusing and just too much stuff for me to be objective. That's when I called Ali. She came in and within a couple of days, had my closets organized, made me aware of where I might need to make purchases, and where to stop making them altogether! I cannot tell you the amount of time and money this has saved me - I actually can go to my closet and pick out something in an instant! I know everything in there fits and is wearable. I haven't been able to say that in years! Now we are on to personal shopping and getting me on New Yorks Best Dressed List... ( just kidding! Haha...) Thanks so much Ali, you organized my life!!

- Michelle

One of the many things that I appreciate about working with Ali is that she pays attention to my likes, dislikes, and lifestyle. Ali's approach is not cookie-cutter; it is tailored to suit me. As a result of Ali's coaching, I have eliminated questionable items in my wardrobe and selectively added garments that make me feel and look great and that suit my personality and life.

- Roberta

After fifteen years living in a one bedroom apartment, it was time to purge and renew. I had no idea where to begin and that's where Ali stepped in! She systematically went through my wardrobe for four seasons that were crammed into two closets and helped advise me as to what to keep, what to donate and what to consign. She assessed what was lacking in my wardrobe and once she thoroughly organized my home, I scheduled an appointment to take her shopping with me. She had already pre-selected clothing that she knew I would like , which saved me HOURS in the stores . I came away with some wonderful pieces for both work and play! As a result of Ali's expertise and skill , I FEEL less stressed, can find what I need instantly in my closet and don't have to look at my old size 8 clothes from the 80's anymore! Thank you Ali and I look forward to working with you again this fall!

- Joanne

I have worked in high end retail for 10 years. However, after becoming a mother two years ago I seem to have developed a habit of only shopping for my two boys and have forgotten about myself. As a result my closet had some beautiful items in it but a lot of the clothes, shoes and bags didn't translate into my current lifestyle. With two young children running around I never seemed to have the clear mind or energy to tackle my closet on my own, let alone know how I wanted to portray myself in this role which is why I was ecstatic to have Ali come help me! I had Ali come and go through my closet piece by piece - we decided on what to keep, sell and donate. We also discussed the holes in my wardrobe and what my look should be at this point in my life. I intend to go shopping with Ali to fill the holes and make the necessary updates to keep my wardrobe current without looking too trendy. Ali has the style, expertise and patience (plus a sense of humor - what was I thinking when I bought that??) to help anyone with their wardrobe needs. I recommend her to everyone that I know and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!

- Jennifer

Ali is a very talented observer of fashion, with her keen eye for style, current but excellent quality that will always be in style. She has a talent for everything excellent tailoring, shoe and handbag repair and restoring. She will also take you to the right restaurants for lunch after a hectic day of shopping. She was most helpful to me when I got divorced and moved from a home with many closets to a studio apt. She went into my closets and threw away years of outdated everything. I,of course, did not look and to this day I don't miss a thing. She merchandised, from her many years in the retail world, my closets by season and color, and gave me enormous space. She has remained a valuable friend and I will not hesitate to use her expertise in the future. She has a plethora of knowledge to any subject fashion, the latest perfumes, make-up to the best TV to cell-phone and even to buying a Car. She is not only a pleasure to know and shop with she is very honest in all decisions - a real pro. I would highly recommend her to any man or woman. Ali -good luck in your new adventure!!

- Marsha

Ali is amazing! She is hip and stylish without looking as if she is trying too hard. She can work with what you have and add a few key pieces to truly transform your wardrobe. Whether you are looking to dress for success or to enliven your casual wear, Ali can help you look great for any occasion. I cannot say enough about her!

- Sarah

Hi Ali, You are SUCH a star! I can not believe you managed to find me the absolute last Donna Karan skirt in petrol green from last season AND in my size, petite! I would have been so happy if you had even found a small or medium and would have altered it. I now have a complete outfit and am SO happy about it. I had been hunting everywhere for it and asked the sales associates in London to call everywhere, but they could not find it or, could not be bothered as all the items are on sale and they like to concentrate on the new collection as their commissions are a higher percentage. It means so much that you made the effort to find it for me, despite it not even being full price and as it was from last season, I know it was a really long shot! I hope that when I come to New York, you can help me with my new wardrobe, as it is so hard to find clothes when you are only 5 ft tall and curvy. Now, you will ALWAYS be my first port of call. Thank you so much again.

- Shahpari

I was nervous about having someone in my closet, but knew something drastic needed to be done. I couldn't keep wearing my boyfriend's clothing and thinking I looked stylish. Ali quickly put me at ease. A couple of quick questions and into the closet we went. In no time flat she worked through my whole closet with me - discarding, organizing and revitalizing. Items I never wore she gave me the confidence to wear and worked them into outfits. She also didn't make me throw everything out, I still have my old, oversized, hole ridden, comfort sweater. When I went to my closet Monday morning there were "new" outfits to wear and I didn't have to spend a dime on them. I am looking forward to my upcoming shopping trip with Ali.

- Jessica