As one salesman put it; where does the shootie end and the bootie begin?

Rag & Bone Wyatt Sandal $550

Rag & Bone Wyatt Sandal $550

No matter what you wish to call them, these are definitely the look this year! You can wear  hooties and booties just about anywhere and with anything. Back to the terminology; the experts are applying the word bootie to anything that comes up over the ankle and a shootie will stop around the same place as a sneaker. Or, as they say; a bootie is a style of ankle boot. A shootie is a cross between a shoe and a bootie.

Booties and shooties, dressy and casual, have been the item of footwear fashion now for three years. Booties in various styles, colors and heel heights have been popular in the fashion world the last couple of years. Women are wearing booties with everything including cropped pants, tapered trousers, skinny jeans, jeans, classic pants, dresses, short shorts, bermuda shorts, micro minis, and pencil skirts.
Vince Brigham (pre-fall) $450 at, Saks or Neimans

Vince Brigham (pre-fall) $450 Saks or Neimans


Booties and shooties can, and are, being worn with just about any style of outfit these days. Booties are good looking and come in many designs and materials with varying heel heights. Pointy toes, round toes, open toes, lace ups, cuffs, buttons, bows, stretch suede are just a few options!

Generally, booties and shooties started out being something half shoe and half boot, but over the seasons have morphed into the mainstream of fashion and, doing very well at it. In following the wearer’s attitudes, most agree that the trend will continue and most are very happy with the look, which they admit took some time to get used to.


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