This Fall Shoes Are Getting The Boot.

Some fashionistas are filling their closets in order to have a pair of boots for every possible occasion. "It's just habit. I think they look better than flats at this point," Said Ali Ehrlich of Waltham. " That's all I ever wear." Ehrlich who owns Right Up Your Ali styling agency, said customers have built their boot wardrobes in response to the popularity of denim and corduroy. "It looks put together and and it's uniform." She said.

But there's a boot for every scenario, from office to evening out, and woman should have a minimum of three to five to start. The office-appropriate boot, best paired with a skirt or dress, should hit just below the knee. So should the soccer boot, best worn with skinny jeans or leggings. Ankle boots with a heel (probably in black) are ideal for an evening out, but it's worth having a brown and neutral (gray) style on the shoe (oops, boot) rack as well.

"As long as you have a good cobbler, you should be able to hang on to them for 20 years." Ehrlich said."I have 2004 ones that look brand-new," Karen Fabbri owner of Moxie in Boston and Wellesley, said quality boots don't have to cost four figures. She sells a Tory Burch style for $495 that "sells like water all year long." It's study leather. It's an investment", she said. She tells customers to get two boots?a short bootie with (or without) a heel and a tall, black riding style. Skip anything that goes over the knee. "That ship has sailed". She said.

What has come into style are boots with either a western or biker vibe. "It's an interesting hybrid of blending of two looks together." Said Gregg Andrew, fashion creative director at Nordstrom. Andrews described boots like sunglasses? and added that this season's trendiest look includes a thick, slouchy sock. "They're not thin and prissy. They have a little bulk to them. The more boot, the heavier the sock." he said. But Fabbri isn't keen on adding width to any part of a woman's leg. Instead, she suggests Spanx for both fashion and functional purposes. "They're strong enough," she said. "They stand up."

-Jill Radsken Boston Herald

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