When choosing a wardrobe specialist to work with you, it is important to understand their background, training and orientation. What is appropriate for a pop singer will be very different from what works for a business woman, a politician or the gala chairwoman. You need to know that your specialist will speak your language.

Ali Ehrlich is a native of Boston who grew up in Chestnut Hill and attended Boston University. She is known for her iconic style. She has spent over 18 years designing wardrobes for Massachusetts women, working for premier designers such as Chanel, and Valentino. She began her career at Bendel's where she gained familiarity with the fashion world in general. Ali is also well known within the fashion community in Boston and she works with stylists and associates at all of the local boutiques and department stores. Because of her relationships with them, she always has current knowledge of what is available and where to find the best of current styles.

Ali is well-known and active in the Boston community, a frequent attendee of art gallery openings, charitable events and galas. Because of her involvement, she knows what will work for your day-to-day lifestyle as well as your special events; weddings, bar-mitzvahs or galas. Ali is an expert who can review your current wardrobe, make suggestions about what you no longer need and how to supplement your wardrobe to make the most of what you already have. She can shop with you or for you and eliminate mistakes that will haunt your closet. She can also advise you about what to wear for your most important life events so you will always arrive feeling pulled together and confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a Personal Stylist?
Contrary to popular belief, style is not something that just happens. When you see an actor, a model, a celebrity and admire their style, it is not their style you are admiring. You are seeing the work of a wardrobe specialist. Catch that celebrity at home and you will find a person like any of us: the same assets , the same imperfections.
A wardrobe specialist can design for you a functioning system so you never have to stand in your closet wondering what to wear.

How do you charge for your services?
I charge a flat hourly fee. Therefore, when we go shopping, it makes no difference to me whether we hit Chanel or hit The Gap, as long as we find what suits YOUR needs and makes you look and feel your best!

Where are you based?
I'm located in Boston, MA. I'm more than happy to take you shopping around the city, or travel to your nearby closet.

How long does it take to do a closet, for example?
Each individual closet is different some people may just want me to go through piece by piece to determine what should stay and what should go. Others may want me to take care of ordering new hangers and actually placing the garments in an organized and orderly fashion. Your call!

Do you prefer to do personal shopping on your own or go shopping with the client?
Ideally, I prefer to shop with the client as it is much easier to wardrobe a client with him or her present, but am happy to do either depending on individual needs.

With your background in luxury fashion (Chanel and Valentino), do you only focus on high-end retailers or brands?
Absolutely NOT!! Yes, Ive taken clients to Chanel, Akris, Valentino, you name it BUT, am just as happy to go to Wrentham , for example,too! Remember, it is all about what YOU want!

Once we go through my closet and determine what should go, what do I do with those items?
I will go through it with you to determine what pieces should be tailored, what pieces should be donated and what pieces should be consigned. And, I may also be able to help sell certain pieces.

How do I set up an appointment?
Email me at [email protected] and fill out the introduction form on the contact page, or call me at (617) 459-0472, and well get started right away!

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