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Welcome to Right Up Your Ali!

I can't wait to begin organizing YOUR closet and planning your perfect wardrobe! It is important to look at your existing wardrobe to determine which pieces are useful and effective and which pieces are under-utilized. I'll help you decide what to keep, what pieces should go to consignment, what pieces should be donated etc. and then, assess what gaps need to be filled.

What to wear? How often do you stand in front of your closet asking that question? Oh yes, that's your closet. The one that's full of clothes. The clock is ticking. And you have nothing to wear. So you pull something, anything, out, put it on, and perhaps you spend the rest of the day feeling just a little self conscious. Are these pants flattering? Do these things work together? Are they appropriate? Do they fit well? Are they too tight? Are they a little uncomfortable? Why, when you have a closet full of clothes, is it so difficult? And no matter how often you shop, no matter how much money you spend, why are you standing in front of your closet again wondering what to do?

What I do

In the New York Times I read an article about fashion executives traveling to Manhattan during Fashion Week. The editor asked several of the most prominent how they manage to spend an entire week, with activities ranging from a casual brunch to black tie events, looking perfectly pulled together and yet they travel only with very small carry-on bags. What he discovered is that each one of them has learned exactly what they need and how to make things work together. Each of them has designed a system of dressing that works perfectly with their lifestyle.

I can assist you in wading through the innumerable stores and catalogs, sort through your existing wardrobe and pull together amazing outfits that look great not just on mannequins, but on YOU! I can help you with (and am not limited to):

I have luckily been about the same size for about the last 20 years, so you can imagine the amount of clothes I have amassed. I always felt bad buying a new black skirt when I had 10 in my closet, but never knew how to figure out what was still relevant... It was too confusing and just too much stuff for me to be objective. That's when I called Ali. She came in and within a couple of days, had my closets organized, made me aware of where I might need to make purchases, and where to stop making them altogether! I cannot tell you the amount of time and money this has saved me - I actually can go to my closet and pick out something in an instant! I know everything in there fits and is wearable. I haven't been able to say that in years! Now we are on to personal shopping and getting me on New Yorks Best Dressed List... ( just kidding! Haha...) Thanks so much Ali, you organized my life!!

- Michelle